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Water Removal Facts and Tips
August 1, 2011

Before you start throwing away your personal items and tearing up your floors and carpets, be sure to look into the strides that have been made in the field of water removal. There have been many advances from modern technology have that have enabled these services to provide thorough and far less intrusive remediation.

This allows more of the things you treasure to be saved and it saves a lot of the expense of replacing damaged household items. However, before you call you should have an idea of what these services will entail.

First, the technicians will come in and remove much of the standing water with industrial vacuums. They are able to remove not just clean water but also mud, sewage, and rain. Using these truck-mounted vacuums the water removal experts can quickly extract large volumes of liquid from your home in hours rather than days.

They also operate in relative quiet to allow you to continue trying to live your life with as little intrusion as possible. Another benefit of using a service like this is that it prevents you or your family from contact with possibly contaminants.

After the technicians have determined that they cannot remove any more of the fluid with their vacuums they will then begin removing moisture and humidity from your walls and flooring. By employing large commercial fans and air movers in conjunction with more vacuuming it is no longer necessary to remove and destroy carpeting and flooring.

Nowadays there is even machinery to extract moisture from drywall, which is often a site of mold growth after flooding. There are even services to prevent damage to furniture and personal belongings, however they often require removal from the home and take longer to dry.

The final steps and the most important to ensuring a return to normalcy are the cleanup and restoration of the home. Technicians will use cleaners and sanitizers to both remove the things that may have been in the liquid that filled the house as well as inhibit mold and bacterial growth.

There can be a fair amount of contamination even in ruptured plumbing and it is necessary to be careful not to leave toxins on your personal belongings and structure that may make you sick. These experts use professional techniques to clean floors, walls, and carpets and also window treatments and upholstery. The last thing anyone wants is to clean up the initial problem only to find out that there were still substances left that could be making their family sick.

The most important thing to know when dealing with this kind of catastrophe is that the sooner you act the better your chances of saving not only your property but also your wellbeing. It can be difficult in the heat of the moment to realize but being prepared and knowing what to expect will make you confident in your knowledge that the damage can be remediated.


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